Channeling is natural communication between dimensions that our being inhabits, it has always existed and has been essential to lead, stimulate and sustain the changes that we translate as elevation of consciousness or spiritual growth.

It is a Self-knowledge tool that we have incorporated but that we must train to use on a daily basis.

In what cases does it work?

Always, to the extent that we are continuously connected, we can advance with greater certainty in our life process. When a turning point in life is generated, either due to an unforeseen event, a loss or prolonged suffering from an illness, or perhaps that in the face of sudden events the continuous reflections and superficial responses have not given enough clarity about which option to take .

That is when Channeling is presented as an easy door in opening paths to follow, either within the scope of a specific health treatment, or from the perspective of different areas of life, from work to psychological and spiritual

Times are accelerating and we are urgently called to remember this tool that we all have (we just need to remember) to stop depending on others, walk with certainty, grow as humans and be better and more complete.

The alarm of the heart has been lit that calls us to connect with the Guide , Teacher, Guardian Angel or whatever you want to call it to INTEGRATE this new information and way of pressing to live according to who we are "MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS".


Porque Canalizada


La canalización es la comunicación que permite acceder a la verdad de cada alma , que ha  existido siempre y ha sido esencial para conducir, estimular y sostener los cambios de la humanidad en todos los procesos y en todos los tiempos.  en contenido y forma, y me permite hacer de puente en la forma de integrarla.  


Es muy importante entregar una información a las personas sobre el origen de los  equilibrios, para poder hacer consciente el proceso . 


Yo me dejo guiar por TU canal y por eso esta técnica lleva este nombre.